The days are getting cooler, and you are a few weeks away from moving into your college dorm. For many young adults, college is a highly anticipated milestone. You will make new friends, and you will learn many new things. This is probably the first time you have lived away from your family, and you might be nervous. To make the transition to college life easier, you can start planning your move to your new home.


What to Pack

You should always pack essential items. Your essential items are things that you use every day. Do not pack too many bulky items. You can purchase bulky items when you arrive at your destination. You will need a few pairs of shoes and a few jackets. If you are starting school in the winter, pack a few sweaters. Leaving home is difficult for most college students, and you may want to take everything that can fit in a box. Your dorm room may already have basic furniture. You will need two weeks worth of toiletries, laundry essentials, and kitchen utensils.

Shop Online for Home Decor Items

If your school does not allow cars, you may need to shop at online retailers. You can buy your blankets, dishes, and textbooks from an online store. If your college is in a major city like Chicago or Manhattan, you may be able to order groceries and toiletries from an online retailer.

How to Pack

Pack your photos, movies, and electronics in separate boxes. Cheap Movers NYC recommends packing fragile items carefully, ensuring you use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap. Moving day can be very hectic, so you should keep your jewelry, cash, and prescriptions with you. If your dorm does not have a bureau, you should pack your clothing in storage bins. Plastic bins can keep your room clutter-free.

How to Organize Your Dorm Room

Most college dorms are small, so you have to get creative with your storage space. The furniture is for students so that you can choose the organizational style. To make the room look more spacious, you can push the desks against the walls. Store your items vertically instead of horizontally. If you have a roommate, you should keep your items on your side of the room.

Your first day on campus will be exciting, but it can be very hectic. Arrive on campus early in the day, and you will avoid the large crowds of students and families. When you are settled, you can get to know your roommate and enjoy the rest of the day. If you are attending college far away from your parent’s home, you might get a little homesick. Pack a few keepsakes. Your treasured items will make your dorm room cozier.


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